Wondering about changes to Ontario's new home warranty program?

Saturday Jun 10th, 2017


You may have heard in recent news reports that the Ontario government intends to make substantial structural changes to the administration of the province's home warranty program. Any changes that come will affect thousands of home buyers and builders, so it's a good idea to stay informed on what that means for you.

Tarion is the not-for-profit consumer protection organization that regulates new home builders and administers the program. In this role, they help administer the warranty to more than 350,000 homes and condos and regulates over 5,000 builders in the province.

The government plans to split Tarion's administration into two new delegated administrative authorities. One will continue with Tarion's current warranty provider mandate, and the other will continue with Tarion's current building regulator mandate.

But Ontario consumers and builders can be assured that it is business as usual at Tarion. The transformation undertaken with the government will take some time, and until it is implemented the organization will continue to deliver its consumer protection mandate. Once it is implemented, they will continue their work through a modified delivery model.

That means, for now, new home and condo owners and builders can contact Tarion for any help they need on warranty questions and issues.


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