Why List Your Home Over The Holidays

Monday Nov 27th, 2017


This time of year is spent visiting family, feasting on turkey and giving gifts. Unfortunately, selling a home usually isn’t at the top of the holiday list. Many buyers don't want to move their furniture and belongings in the winter, and the fact that the holiday season is coming up (creating both time and financial pressures) only compounds the situation.

So why sell over the holidays? 

Higher price 

Generally speaking, homes listed in the winter months get a higher price then in the spring market.

Notwithstanding the crazy market we've had this past spring, this is usually true for this area as well. Prices still remain at a higher value then they have year over year in Georgina. 

Sells in fewer showings

Having 20 or more families trapsing through your home can be inconvenient to say the least. Especially if you have young kids or pets to deal with. Listing your home when there are less homes listed on the market lowers competition. 

Serious buyers only

If a family is looking to move in the winter and taking the time to tour homes over the holidays, they are pretty serious about moving. The Spring market is full of buyers who are "just looking" and who would never have made an offer anyway.

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