When you are looking to buy a home, you should have a professional home inspection conducted. A home inspector will ensure the systems and foundation of the home are free from severe damages that may increase your liability in the future.

General home inspection items include:

  • Structural elements of the home (walls, ceilings, floors, roof, foundation etc)
  • Exterior (landscaping, grading, elevation, drainage, windows, trim etc)
  • Roofing (ventilation, framing, gutters etc)
  • Plumbing (drain, waste, pipes, toilets, showers, sinks etc)
  • Electrical (circuit breakers, main panel, wiring, grounding, exhaust fans, light fixtures etc)
  • Appliances (dishwasher, oven, garbage disposal etc)

A professional home inspector will disclose any known problems with the home that may affect your buying decision.

List of Home Inspectors

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