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What to do in the first 30 days in your new home

Wednesday Jun 09th, 2021


Moving into your newly built home can be a lot of work. There’s a lot to do – some of it fun (like finding the perfect spot for your favourite chair) and some of it not so much (such as getting all your services changed over). But it’s important to take some key steps to help protect your home and your warranty.  

Learn how your home systems work 

Your builder may have gone over how your HVAC works, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you remember everything they told you. Test things out and if you have questions, consult the manufacturer’s instructions, either in a user manual you received from your builder or online, or contact your builder.

Check for any damaged or missing items

During your pre-delivery inspection, you had a chance to make note of any items that were damaged, missing or not working properly. However, due to time, weather or other reasons, you might not have been able to capture everything.

Now that you are living in your home, you may notice new issues. Report these items in writing to your builder as soon as you can for warranty service. Take pictures or even a video to support your claim.

Review manuals and warranties

Your builder should have passed on any documentation for appliances and equipment, including user guides and manufacturer’s warranty information. Take some time to review them so you understand how to properly use and maintain the items in your home. Be sure to file them in a safe place so that you can return to them if needed.

Learn about your new home warranty

Your new home comes with a seven-year warranty from your builder that starts the day you take possession. Learn what it covers and how to make claims if or when you need to. Check out the homeowner learning hub on, the website of the new home warranty administration organization in Ontario.  Here you’ll find e-learning modules that will walk you through the important information you need to know as a new homeowner.

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