Transform your dark attic into usable bright space

Monday Jul 24th, 2017


An attic or loft conversion is a terrific way to maximize the unused square footage and increase the value of your home. Depending on your family's needs, you can renovate the space to turn it into a bedroom, studio, office/study, or kids' playroom. Here are some ideas to help you turn this design challenge into a valuable addition to your home.

Embrace architectural features. Often seen as a negative, the attic's classic defining feature is usually a steeply sloped ceiling. Instead of trying to hide it, why not show it off? Create a statement with wood paneling for a cottage or country chic look. Pallet wood is another cost-effective way to achieve farmhouse décor style, a top trend for 2017. Check out design magazines and Pinterest boards for more DIY and budget-friendly inspiration.

Customize with built-ins. Attics and lofts have a tricky combination of tight space and awkward layouts, so out-of-the-box items might not work here. Make the best of it and increase storage space with a built-in bed, cabinet or bookcase. You can also DIY with a semi-built-in desk under the eaves with cut-to-order wood for a table and floating shelving.

Experiment with furniture. You can also get creative and try unconventional furnishings that make use of every inch of space. Scandinavian design is perfect for a cozy yet contemporary look, and its popular low furniture is useful for tighter spaces. Or go bohemian with your mattress directly on the floor or a low coffee table and comfy cushions for seating.

Brighten with natural light. Whatever use you have planned for the space, remember that getting the right amount of daylight is essential for our health and well-being. So, incorporating natural light into your attic with a skylight or roof window is a great idea. Velux offers a wide range of skylights and complimentary products like custom blinds, which are perfect if you're turning your dark unlivable attic into a cozy bedroom.

Cozy up with finishing touches. Making the space feel human and livable is all about the small details. Add texture with comfy pillows, use plenty of white on the walls and furniture, and bring the outside in with cheerful plants and greenery.

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