Take a load off your water bill and the planet

Friday Mar 12th, 2021


Conserving water at home can help ensure a steady flow of clean, safe water for all, while reducing our water bills at the same time. With a lot of water typically consumed in the kitchen, consider these unexpected ways to help you use less water and feel good about it.

Keep bottles or pitchers of drinking water in the refrigerator.

No one wants to drink the warm water that first flows from the tap. Rather than wasting it, catch the water in a container and pop it in the fridge. Invest in a tap water filter and you can save on bottled water too.

Repurpose the water used with fruits or vegetables.

Clean fruits or vegetables in a bowl or pot of water and use it for houseplants or the garden. After steaming or boiling vegetables, use that water to start a stock for soup or to water plants. Get into the habit of collecting and repurposing spent water such as water left in drinking glasses or pet dishes, ice dropped on the floor, etc.

Defrost foods in the fridge.

Although putting frozen foods under running water helps them thaw faster, it also wastes a lot of water. Instead, plan ahead and put the food in the refrigerator overnight to safely defrost – and not use a single drop of water.

Save water by using your dishwasher.

It may surprise you that running the dishwasher half full wastes less water and energy compared to handwashing those same dishes. An Energy Star-certified dishwasher uses 15 litres of water every cycle, while a running faucet uses 15 litres every two minutes and about a quarter of the energy used to wash dishes by hand – helping to alleviate any guilt for using the dishwasher more.

When shopping for your home, look for brands that are committed to saving water and water conservation, like Cascade. Find more information at cascade.takeahalfloadoff.ca/en.


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