Cottage in Georgina

It’s time to update your cottage living

Monday Apr 22nd, 2019


Is your summer home in need of a renovation? Modernizing the old family cottage isn’t just about bringing it into the 21st century. Adding a few luxury features, such as a full-piece bathroom or an outdoor kitchenette or bar, will enhance your comfort and enjoyment.

But when it comes time to renovate, cottages pose a challenge. For example, many older cottages use outdated plumbing, which may pose a risk of clogging, corrosion and damage from tree roots. Another problem is that the terrain where your cottage is located can affect what type of installations you can do. If your cottage is built on rock this will limit your building options, especially if you need to dig down to install new plumbing.

Plumbing renovations are often costly, time-consuming and challenging. Fortunately, there is a better way to easily add desirable amenities, like a full-piece bathroom, laundry room, outdoor kitchen or bar, or pool house plumbing, all without major construction. The secret? Up-flush technology.

Environmentally friendly, simple to install and offering a variety of cost-effective solutions, up-flush toilets and grey-water pump systems can be installed anywhere from the basement to the attic, regardless of the availability of traditional plumbing drainage infrastructure.

Saniflo manufacturers a whole range of these systems, which are capable of pumping wastewater horizontally up to 150 feet away with gravity fall and up to 18 feet vertically. These systems use small-diameter piping that can be run virtually anywhere and can be installed above-floor or concealed within a wall with minimal construction in just a few short hours.

Whether you want to install a sink, toilet or shower, with Saniflo it’s easy to add the necessary plumbing fixtures for the ultimate cottage living space.


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