How to regulate the heat in your home

Tuesday Mar 14th, 2017


When the winter weather hits, you might find that you just cannot keep certain parts of your home warm, especially if you have a room situated right over the garage. These rooms usually have inadequate or non-existent heating ducts, because it is difficult to install them properly in the ceiling of a garage.

Fixing the cold bedroom problem is about two things: adding the right kind of floor insulation, and increasing the amount of heat directed into that freezing bedroom. Here are some steps you can take to warm up your household.

Planning to install new flooring in that cold bedroom? Two inch-thick extruded polystyrene foam sheets make great floor insulation. Cover the existing subfloor with the foam, then fasten a 5/8” plywood subfloor on top, secured with screws driven down into the existing floor. Install your new flooring and you will be a lot warmer.

Is the ceiling of your garage open and uncovered by drywall? Having a trained contractor apply spray foam insulation to the underside of the floor between joists will warm the bedroom, if you would rather not insulate from above. Spray foam is especially effective because it both insulates and seals out drafts, but it is something that needs to be done by a qualified professional.

Boosting floor insulation will make that over-the-garage bedroom more comfortable, but it will not be cozy in there until you also increase the amount of heat delivered to the room. Electric in-floor heating is an easy, duct-free retrofit option to consider. Talk with your building material retailer about options, how to connect with a licensed electrician who can do the hook-up for you, and who can provide you with a proper written contract and warranty to protect you.

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