Jim Anderson Retires After 27 Years

Good News Georgina: Coach Jim Anderson Retires After 27 Years; Georgina Bulldogs Finish 3rd in Provincial Tournament

Monday Aug 21st, 2023


Georgina, Ontario - August 21, 2023

After an impressive 27-year coaching journey, Coach Jim Anderson bids farewell to the Georgina Bulldogs. The announcement comes after the Bulldogs' remarkable performance at the 18U OBA Provincials, where they clinched a respectable 3rd place finish. The tournament marked a fitting end to Coach Anderson's legacy, with his team's dedication and his own contributions garnering immense gratitude from players, families, and fans.

In a tightly contested Game 5, the Bulldogs faced off against Wyoming, ultimately succumbing to an 8-2 defeat. The spirited Bulldogs, led by pitchers Ethan Rubin and Wyatt Leonienco, showcased their resilience despite the intense heat. Key moments came from players Aiden Baker and Brennan Hedrick, who delivered crucial hits, keeping the team's competitive spirit alive throughout the tournament.

Reflecting on the journey, Coach Anderson shared, "For me, today is my last day coaching the Bulldogs. After 27 years, and Ty aging out, it is time to hang up the coaching cleats." This sentiment carries additional weight as his son Tyler "Ones" Anderson played a pivotal role in the team's achievements.

Tyler's outstanding weekend performance left an indelible mark. Notably, he emerged as a standout batter, ending the season with a batting average of .351, a remarkable transformation from his earlier performance. His prowess extended to the pitcher's mound, boasting an impressive 7-0 record, a 1.36 ERA, and 43 strikeouts in 36 innings. His dedication to the team went beyond stats, as he arrived early before each home game to assist in preparing the field.

As the final out was recorded, emotions ran high within the Bulldogs' camp, especially for Ty and his long-standing teammates Austin Squires, Ethan Rubin, James Healy, Matt Kaminski, Michael Bourdeau, Owen Healy, Caiden Driscoll, Brennan Hedrick, Wyatt Leonienco, Aiden Baker, Owen Geary, and Tyler Anderson. Coach Anderson's coaching journey has fostered not only players but lifelong friendships and camaraderie.

The weekend's outcome marked a special achievement for Coach Anderson, as his team secured 3rd place in the province, the best performance the Bulldogs have achieved at the OBA Provincials. Gratitude poured in for Coach Anderson's dedication and leadership, echoing from players, coaching staff, families, and sponsors. His contributions extended beyond the field, as his daughters Kellie and Faith, along with wife Jenn and sons Jimmy Jr and Tyler, have all been part of the journey.

Coach Anderson concluded, "I love you all!!! ❤️⚾️" His legacy will continue to inspire generations of players and coaches in Georgina and beyond.



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