Finishing touches that will transform your home

Friday Jul 13th, 2018


When it comes making a space feel like a home, it’s all in the details. You’ll be surprised how stylish and inviting these finishes touches make your place feel.

Sleek window treatments. From dramatic floor-to-ceiling curtains to plantation shutters, you can showcase your style and personality and make any room feel “finished” with your window coverings. For a polished look, choose custom designs from Hunter Douglas that help you achieve privacy, light control and even protect your belongings from damaging UV rays.

Layered accessories. Whether it’s a smaller space like your entryway or a bathroom, or a focal point of your home like the kitchen or living room, every room needs accessories for that touch of personality. Potted plants can add life and energy, while a textured throw rug can create depth and warmth. Feel free to get creative and curate an eclectic mix of items that speak to you. Layer accessories in odd-numbered groupings for a designer finish.

Overstuffed pillows. Give your living room a more high-end, luxurious look by staying away from standard pillow sizes that scream store-bought. Instead, search for large, oversized pillow covers and overfill them with inserts one size up. This will make give your couch and living room seem plush and expensive.

Interesting walls. Builder basic walls in neutrals are boring and impersonal. But that doesn’t mean you need to paint your walls in bold hues. Trying creating interest and draw the eye with pattern and texture. Go for a classic architectural aesthetic with some crisp crown moulding, or some cozy cottage vibes with modern, distressed wood panels.


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