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Easy home improvement projects

Monday Jun 29th, 2020


With summer comes longer daylight hours and milder temperatures, making it the perfect season to tackle those home projects you’ve been putting off. Ready for a refresh but in need of inspiration? Below are some easy DIYs that make a big impact:

Re-paint your walls and cupboards. Adding a fresh coat of paint to hallways or key gathering spots is a simple way to brighten your home. Try sticking to timeless, neutral colours that won’t clash with your furniture – think crisp whites, rich blues or warm greys. Another great way to update your home is to paint outdated cupboards. Chalk paint is a fun option for doodling notes, and it doesn’t require any primer or sanding.

Update light fixtures and bulbs. Light fixtures from another time can age a home. By swapping out frosted glass fixtures and tasseled lampshades, you can quickly modernize your space. As long as existing wiring is in place, changing light fixtures is a simple DIY project. While you’re at it, why not swap out bulbs for new, energy-saving LEDs? White lighting can make a space feel stark, whereas LEDs can bring out warmer tones.

Change your kitchen backsplash. The thought of a kitchen renovation has “cha-ching” ringing in most of our ears, but there are quality peel-and-stick tiles that can transform your space at a low cost and with little expertise required. Use online tutorials to help and make sure you make measurements precise, keeping in mind any lighting or electrical outlets you may have to cut around. 

Review your insurance policies. While updating your home, why not make sure your insurance is up to date? Having the appropriate insurance to cover your needs is an important part of homeownership.  


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