Decluttering your home: 5 tips and tricks

Thursday Jun 20th, 2019


Organizing or decluttering your home can lighten up the look of your space, as well as your mood. But knowing where to start can sometimes be overwhelming. What items should stay? What should go?  Where do they go?

If you are already feeling overwhelmed, a garage sale may be too much. Discarding items in the trash may bring on feelings of guilt. But donating those unwanted items to a reputable charitable organization can be just the right way to clean out your home and do some good.

Here are five guilt-free tips to help you start the decluttering process:

  1. Understand there is a vision and a positive result with decluttering your environment. As Peter Walsh, professional organizer, TV personality and author, says: “If the stuff you own is not helping you create the life you want, then let it go.” 
  2. Plan and prepare before you start. This means carving out time and space to declutter. Make a room-by-room plan and make sure you have boxes and bags for your sorted items. Some sorting categories include keep, donate and gift or swap.
  3. Go room by room so you can start to see and feel the difference. As you continue, ask yourself: “Would I buy this now? Does this work now?” Old electronics, cords and remotes that have since been upgraded should go, for example. Or, old or mismatched plates, bedding and cutlery are items you might consider letting go. All of these can be recycled or donated.
  4. When sorting through closets, don’t underestimate the time it may take. You may not want to pull all of your clothes and accessories out at one time. Instead, take it section by section. Or, organize by season – winter or summer wardrobe. Ask yourself: “When was the last time I wore this?” If you feel worried that you may be wasting a perfectly good piece of clothing, remember that it could have a new life if you donate it.
  5. Donate years-gone-by fashions and small household items to a reputable charity.

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