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Considerations for installing an electric car charger at home

Tuesday Feb 22nd, 2022


Electric vehicle purchases are growing in popularity. Researchers predict that by 2030, half of vehicles in Canada will be electric. But before buying an EV and charging station, there are some things to keep in mind.

Choose the correct charging level.
You’ll need to select the appropriate charging level for your home so you don’t overload the circuitry. Level one requires a standard 120-volt household outlet, while level two requires a 240V branch circuit, just like stoves and dryers. Level three is not designed for homes.

Work with the right professional
Hire a licensed electrical contracting business to check whether your electrical system can handle the additional load and determine if an upgrade to your electrical panel is needed.

Upon completion of work, make sure to confirm that the business files a notification of work with the Electrical Safety Authority. Ask for a copy of the Certificate of Acceptance for your records once your electrical work has been reviewed and passed. It’s an important document for insurance, resale and peace of mind.

Look for the approval mark
When shopping around for an EV charging system, look for a recognized certification mark. Find out which products are approved for use in Ontario at esasafe.com


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