Choosing the best material for your roof

Sunday Sep 09th, 2018


A new roof is one of the biggest purchases a homeowner can make. With many options to choose from, it’s important to keep in mind the different styles, colours, lifespans, warranties and prices available. 

Here, Jack Rende, senior merchant of building materials at the Home Depot Canada, shares his tips about different materials to consider.

Asphalt. The most common and practical type of roofing for a Canadian home, asphalt shingles are available in a variety of colours and styles. This type of roofing is light in weight, easy to install and economically priced. Asphalt shingles vary in quality depending on style and manufacturer, with several carrying up to a limited lifetime coverage. Duration of shingles is also impacted by the region where you live and the home’s exposure to elements.

Laminate. Timberline High-Definition shingles are a great choice if you’re looking for something that offers durability to withstand elements and a lifetime limited warranty. These shingles, which feature proprietary colour blends and enhanced shadow effect, will also beautify your home for years to come by adding dimension to your roof’s appearance.

Wood.  With a natural appearance and beautiful aesthetic, wood is one of the most durable roofing systems available. There are two types. Shingles, cut to a specific size and smooth finished, or shakes, which are irregular in shape and rough-textured. The cost and installation of a wood roof may be higher in price, but they’ve been known to last over 20 years.

Metal. Roofs with this material are known for their strength and durability. While a bit more difficult to install, a well-installed metal roof is highly durable in snow, rain and high winds. It is resistant to insects, mildew, rot, UV rays. It’s also fire-resistant, lasting up to 50 years or longer.

Slate. If you’re looking for a lifetime roofing system with extreme durability and timeless curb appeal, then consider investing in a natural slate roof. A higher-priced option, this material will last over 75 years.  


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