April showers may bring water damage

Sunday Apr 19th, 2020


Water damage is a real concern for Canadian homeowners at this time of year. Get ahead of the risk by taking the 3 following steps to prevent flooding in your home this spring.

Inspect your roof. Once your roof is clear of snow, make sure you inspect it for any loose or missing shingles. If you’re not comfortable on a ladder, use binoculars to check from ground level. If you do spot damage, call your roofing company to replace shingles as soon as possible to avoid leaks.

Allow for drainage. Proper drainage is essential in order to redirect water from your home. Make sure your eavestroughs are clear of debris and downspouts are pointed away from your home. Also, ensure storm drains surrounding your property are unblocked. Even though you may not be responsible for cleaning them, you will be responsible for any water damage they could cause to your home.

Make sure you have a firm foundation. A firm foundation is key to success in any situation, including water damage prevention. Make sure you check your foundation for any cracks or holes that could allow water to seep into your basement. Contact a building foundation expert for any major concerns.

Smooth out sloping lawns. A sloping lawn can result in an unwanted outdoor and indoor pool. Check to make sure there are no depressions causing water to pool near the foundation. Use compacted soil to level it out. When it comes to any major issues, work with a landscaping company to install a better drainage system.

Check your insurance. Finally, make sure your insurance policy has protection against water damage. Ensuring your policy has the right kind of coverage against water issues in your area will help if the above measures fail. 


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