Why fall is the best time for lawn care

Tuesday Oct 08th, 2019


There’s no doubt that there’s some confusing advice out there when it comes to preparing your lawn for the long, cold days of winter ahead. That’s why we’ve put together a few simple steps for you to follow. Not only will you have a lawn that looks and feels great in the spring, but you will be contributing to a greener world. To fertilize properly and achieve the benefits of a thick, healthy lawn, homeowners and turf management professionals should follow the 4Rs... [read more]

What to do with your lawn in the Fall

Sunday Sep 09th, 2018


Many of us feed our lawns at the first signs of spring, but did you know that autumn is the most important time to fertilize? A lawn fed three to four times a year develops a deep root system to resist heat, drought and wear. It also develops thick green top growth to naturally resist weeds, disease and insects. Feeding before the ground freezes, but after the lawn no longer needs mowing, will give your lawn the extra nutrients it needs during our long, cold winters. Look for a... [read more]

Essential lawncare tips from the pro

Wednesday May 23rd, 2018


Now’s the time to get outside and survey lawns, gardens and shrubs to see how they weathered the winter. After a long period of dormancy, plants and turf are ready to grow during what amounts to a short season for most of Canada. To maximize the health, resiliency and growth of your plants, regular feeding is required. All plants require nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous to grow. Nitrogen boosts growth and green colour. Phosphorus feeds seedlings and stimulates new root growth. And... [read more]

What's in a healthy lawn?

Monday Apr 09th, 2018


A healthy lawn does more than just please the eye — it provides a whole range of environmental, social and economic benefits. Trees, shrubs and turf help remove smoke, dust and other pollutants from the air and keep people healthy. Experts also tell us that having just one healthy tree on the front lawn removes the same amount of carbon dioxide from the air that's emitted from driving a car 17,700 kilometres. Lawns also produce oxygen: 2,500 square feet of turf releases enough... [read more]