How to win with multiple offers

Thursday Jan 26th, 2017


In a hot market, there are more buyers than homes for sale. Some homes will sell before they are even registered in the local MLS. That means that sellers are often presented with multiple offers. How can you position your offer to be theone the seller accepts? The best way to gain an understanding of how multiple offers work is to know how they benefit the seller. Multiple offers mean that the seller has his/her pick of offers. Just because a seller is entertaining... [read more]

Do you know what buying your house will really cost?

Friday Feb 3rd, 2017


When you're house-hunting it's easy to focus on the “big” numbers like asking price and offer price. But before you sign the purchase agreement, you should take time to budget for the additional costs that come with every home purchase. Taxes The most significant costs for most purchasers are taxes: property taxes, land transfer tax, and in some cases, harmonized sales tax (HST). Property taxes can vary widely by region, and need to be considered when comparing... [read more]


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