When is it time to update your home’s exterior?

Tuesday Apr 5th, 2022

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The exterior of a home plays a vital role in creating a great first impression, revealing hints of your style and personality to every passerby. How your home looks on the outside can also impact the value of the property, so it’s worth trying to keep it looking good. So how do you know the exterior your home is due for an overhaul? Here are a few telltale signs that it’s time to tackle this update: Time to sell Curb appeal matters most when a home goes on the market. A... [read more]

3 ways to make your home’s exterior pop for spring

Tuesday Apr 23rd, 2019


Spring means most of us will be spending more time enjoying the outdoors. This serves as a great opportunity to invest time and energy into sprucing up your home’s exterior and outdoor living areas. Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, shares her top tips on how to add curb appeal to your home’s exterior while increasing the overall value of your home. Repaint your front and garage doors. Repainting your exterior doors is a great way to freshen up the... [read more]


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