4 reasons to replace your front door

Wednesday Jan 29th, 2020


There’s a difference between wanting a new front door and needing one. Here are four reasons to consider an upgrade: Wasted energy. If your door is sticking, it could be for a number of reasons. The weather-stripping may have worn down, causing the door to stick or become unaligned with the frame. The constant weather changes cause doors to expand and contract, and the shifting can throw off the alignment and create gaps where air can flow through. This means that even while... [read more]

Spring clean and save this winter

Monday Jan 27th, 2020

homeownership tips

 Whether we’re in another polar vortex or experiencing a mild winter, this time of year usually means spending more time indoors. While it may not be the first thing you want to do, now’s the perfect time to do some winter cleaning that may help you save some money and save time in the spring. Save the nicer weather for better things than cleaning your home. Get a head start now with these tips: Purge old items. With all the time you’re spending indoors,... [read more]


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