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7 Steps to Selling Your Home in Georgina

Wednesday Aug 11th, 2021


Step 1 - Hire An Experienced REALTOR® 

It seems nearly everyone has a few friends or family members who are "in the real estate business." When you're thinking about selling your own home, think about this; selling your home is one of the biggest personal financial transactions you will make, is this really the time to be doing someone a favour?


Together we have a combined 58 years of experience as licensed REALTORS® working almost exclusively in Georgina and the surrounding area. We have the education, experience, proven performance and local insight that you'll need to successfully sell your home at top dollar.


Step 2 - Prep Your Home For Sale

What do you need to do to get the highest price for your property? That's our specialty. 


Having experience selling, buying, building, and investing in property here in Georgina we can tell you exactly what Buyers are expecting from your home to pay top dollar for it.


Propertly prepping your Georgina home for sale can make a big difference in the return on your sale. 


Step 3 - Time Your Sale & Price Your Home Right!

If you want top dollar you must do 2 things:


  1. Price it right
  2. Time your sale right

Pricing homes in the area take more than comparing SOLD listings from MLS. It's about knowing the neighbourhood. It's about visiting the property, and having visited other properties in the area. 


Timing your sale is not only about know which market we are in, it's about knowing which new listings are coming soon. This takes collaboration, and discussion with other REALTORS® in the area. Having been top REALTORS® for as long as we have, chances are if your neighbours have a listing pending we are aware long before you are. 


Step 4 - Find a Buyer For Your Home

Finding a buyer for your home takes more than just posting on MLS. First we need to start with creating a richly-detailed listing for your home that includes: 


  • HD Photography
  • Virtual Tour
  • Beautifully written descriptions
  • Easy buyer access

Then we need to market it effectively! Once we design a beautiful listing for you, we need to broadcast it to potential buyers. To do this we use a mix of modern and traditional selling methods that include: 


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing 
  • YouTube Video 
  • Print Advertising
  • Lead Generation

Through the use of technology we can now create ads that will appeal to different types of buyers across all ages and demographics. This means you will never miss an opportunity, no matter how quick your listing sells. 


We have a proven strategy to reach more targeted home buyers in areas inside, and outside of Georgina, and we make good use of our referral networks to ensure the fastest sale at the highest price possible. 


Step 5 - Offer Presentation & Negotiations


Whether you receive one, or many, offer(s) to purchase your home it is important to review all the details. There's more to a good offer than just the asking price. Terms such as closing date, and conditions of the sale should be reviewed carefully to make sure your best interests are protected. Your REALTOR® will help you negotiate terms that meet your needs in a way that is legal and binding that will help you avoid future problems.  


Step 6 - Meet with a Lawyer


Once the offer is firm, we will forward your offer to your lawyer who will ensure all your paperwork is in order. They will perform your title search and complete the financial obligations for your buyer. 


Step 7 - Closing Day! 


Congratulations on the sale of your property. At this stage we'll be on stand by just in case there are any problems. Title will be transfered to the buyer, and you'll meet with your lawyer to pick up your cheque! 



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