5 tips for creating your own gallery wall

Thursday Aug 27th, 2020


With more people spending time at home and postponing vacations this year, many of us are taking on more DIY projects. A fun thing you can try is a gallery wall, which is a great way to display memories and decorate your space.

Gianmarco Bernaudo from Fujifilm Canada recommends these top five tips for making a flawless gallery wall at home:

  1. Pick a space: An important first planning step is identifying the square footage you have to work with. Think about the corners and spaces that are often overlooked, as these can make great places to display photos.
  2. Work with a theme: To make your wall more aesthetically pleasing, identify elements you want to consistently show, such as colour schemes or subjects like travel or family photos to tell a story.
  3. Select and print: Once your space and theme are selected, it’s time to start printing. Consider the medium you want to use, like standard prints in frames or on canvas. Finally, look for user-friendly printing services such as Fujifilm Printlife, which allows you to order prints from the comfort of home.
  4. Map your arrangement: Before you start putting holes in your wall, test your design on the floor to pick the best layout. You can use tape or the printed photos to trial.
  5. Add non-photo elements: Consider adding whimsical items like a clock, baby shoe or succulent planter to create a more eclectic vibe, or pay tribute to a treasured memory with a sentimental item, such as dried flowers from your wedding.

Find more tips on photo printing and creating gallery walls at fujifilmprintlife.ca.


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