3 tools to rent for a green and healthy lawn

Monday May 01st, 2017


Whether you're working on your own yard or you're a professional with clients to serve, the arrival of warm weather is the perfect time to build a healthy lawn that will make the neighbours green with envy.

“A well-kept lawn is about more than just looks. It also creates oxygen, reduces noise pollution and removes emissions from the air,” explains Jamal Hamad, who leads the pro and tool rental departments at The Home Depot Canada.

Tool rentals are popular for lawn maintenance because both homeowners and professionals can get high quality equipment for the short term without having to worry about upkeep or storage. The service works with your schedule and budget because you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Hamad recommends the following equipment to prepare your lawn for the season:

Turf rake: Too much thatch is one of the most common yard problems. More than half an inch of this dead build-up will start to damage roots and block nutrients. Rent a power turf rake to quickly and easily clear excess thatch.

Aerator: Almost every yard can benefit from aeration. An aerator removes thin cores of dirt so that air, water, fertilizer and new grass seed can penetrate. This lets the roots grow deeper and stops too much thatch from building up. Rent a power aerator to get this job done faster and to make sure the holes are deep enough to be effective.

Seeder: Over-seeding is a great way to fill in bare spots and enhance a tired-looking lawn. But it's important to seed correctly or you'll be throwing your money away. A power seeder makes slits in the ground to embed your seeds, giving them the best chance at germinating. 

Find more information at www.homedepot.ca/toolrental.


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