3 tips to safely spring into renovation season

Tuesday Feb 28th, 2017


 With the snow finally melting away in most parts of Canada, it's time to get out of hibernation mode and start those home renovations you've been thinking about all winter. Whether you are just painting the kitchen or building a new backyard deck, updating your home is not an easy task. Planning projects like these can be overwhelming, and even a seasoned pro is prone to making a mistake now and then. Minimize makeover mishaps with these tips:

1. Looking to repaint? Do not buy a colour you have only seen under the store's fluorescent lights. Colours can change according to the light in the room and you may end up with a different look than what you were going for. Take paint samples home and make sure they go with your lights and decor.

2. Ordering materials? Items like kitchen tiles, custom cabinets or countertops could take months to arrive. To avoid delays, make sure to order these well in advance.

3. Need a professional? Do your research and choose a contractor you feel comfortable with. Be sure to define the scope of work and the process that will be followed from the beginning. This will help avoid or resolve any problems down the road. Any contractor you hire should also be insured, so make sure to ask.

Bonus tip: Remember that when planning a renovation you need to inform your insurance company to ensure your policy remains in effect during that time. Renovating can increase your home's value, and extensive renovations may change the classification of your policy. You may also need extra coverage for your own liability. Whether the project is big or small, be sure to get a quote for any new coverage.


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